Tea Brewing Guide


Your cooking skills may not go beyond boiling water, but you think, hey, at least I can brew a cup of tea then, right? Well, actually you can ruin a good cup of tea, believe it or not.

There are really three primary factors that go into making the perfect cup of tea:

  1. The right amount of fresh, loose tea,
  2. The right temperature of water, and
  3. The right amount of steeping time.

That is why all of our teas come with their own precise measurement and brewing instructions.

Did you know, for example that you don't actually steep green tea in boiling water?

Well, in some cultures this can be quite an art.  People literally study for years in Japan to master the art of the tea ceremony.  We won't take it quite that far. But we do love tea and we want you to have the best possible tea experience. So, look for the brewing instructions on each product page and on each bag of tea you purchase!

Earl Grey
Steeping Instructions:
Temp: 212F
Tea per cup: 1 teaspoon per 8oz cup
Time: 3-5 minutes to desired taste.

Jade Mist
Steeping Instructions:
Temp 180F (just before boil)
Tea per cup 1 teaspoon per cup
Time: 3 minutes.

Berry White Tea
Steeping Instructions:
Water Temp: 190F (just before boil)
Tea per Cup: 1 Tablespoon per cup
Steeping Time: 2-3 minutes