Strawberry Oolong Tea

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Caffeinated, oolong tea.
Enjoy a garden of strawberries with this bright and lively tea. Perfect for a summer day, this solid oolong tea has a mildly sweet and fruity strawberry flavor followed by floral after tones. Enjoy this tea hot or pour it over ice to quench your thirst. Remember to leave plenty of room in your infuser as these leaves unfurl to three or four times their original size.


Oolong tea, safflower petals, strawberry and papaya pieces, natural flavors.

Brewing Instructions

Temp: 195F
Tea per cup: 1 teaspoon
Steeping Time: 3 minutes


2oz bag = 20-25 cups (8oz)
4oz bag = 40-50 cups (8oz)
8oz bag = 80-100 cups (8oz)
16oz bag = 160-200 cups (8oz)