Chai Tea

Chai means tea in Hindi. The preparation of Chai varies between Eastern and Western cultures. Eastern cultures will prepare their tea using a milk base that is heated and infused with black tea leaves, spices and sugar. This combination is allowed to steep for a long period of time and enjoyed throughout the day. Western cultures prepare Chai tea using a water base that is heated and infused with black tea leaves and spices. Sometimes the infused beverage is combined with frothed/steamed milk to create a Chai Latte. Serene Teaz Chai offerings include the tea leaves and spices. No sugar is added to the package so that the individual can choose their personal level of sweetness. Chai tea will contain whatever level of caffeine that is provided by the tea leaves infused. Traditionally, black tea leaves are used to create a chai tea, but there also green and rooibos chai blends available. Each of the Serene Teaz Chai Tea blends includes specific steeping instructions. Enjoy!