​Trying to stay healthy during this time

Mar 15th 2020

We have a tea for whatever season you find yourself in right now

Busy and trying to keep up?

enjoy a higher caffeinated options to keep you moving from Black Teas or Yerba Mates

Fighting a cold or Flu?

give your immune system a hand with some Green and White Teas

Focused on staying healthy and avoiding colds?

build up your existing defense with both White Teas and South African Rooibos

Working with the kids to keep them healthy?

give them something healthy that they will like to drink with a Fruit Blend option

-- OR --

At home with kids + spouse trying to work remotely (and attempting to keep your sanity)?

keep you body and mind at peace with an Herbal or Ayurvedic 

If that fails, there is always the Spirits/Liquors section (can be combined with local medicinal additive during an emergency - it will be our little secret :)   )