Retail Store Closing

Dec 27th 2016

December 27, 2016

Serene Teaz has been an active Wheaton business for over twelve years – starting from a small location behind 120 Hale to the current Front Street store. Throughout all of the years we have been blessed with the greatest customers (many of whom we consider our extended family).

While working on our future and discussing trends with many of you we have realized that the world continues to change. Many of you have told us that buying online is now part of your routine and we have noticed a slow transition from in person visits to email and web orders.

With all of the above in mind and our lease coming up for renewal we have decided to take Serene Teaz into a new direction. The future focus will be online and we will be closing our retail storefront in Wheaton on Saturday February 11th.

Our web site has been improved to include virtual gift cards, reviews of products and extensions into other sales channels (Amazon, Pinterest, Ebay, etc). Additionally, the web site will evolve as we receive suggestions from you on how to make the experience better. The web site will also contain all of our current teas as well as many of the popular accessory items

We ask that those of you with plastic gift cards use them by February 11th. If you need more time to utilize the funds on your current card, please stop in the store before February 11th and we can discuss options with you to transfer the amount onto the web site.

We appreciate everyone’s support over the last 12 years and expect to continue providing great teas along with new options. This isn’t a goodbye but a transition into a new model that we believe will allow us to continue providing the best tea around.

Thank you all again,

Sarine & Bob