New Year's Resolution or not ?

Posted by Sarine on Dec 31st 2017

New Years Resolution or Healthy Habits

Only 41% of people make Resolutions at the beginning of each year and only 9.2% actually stay committed to them.  In place of trying to stick with a New Years Resolution that likely won't continue, why not make a healthy habit decision and stick with that?

I think if you start by making small changes and once they stick add another and another as the year goes on. 

A year and half ago I committed myself to eating healthier. Which does take a lot more planning, but I have stuck with it because I made this a healthy habit in my life. I also have seen good things come out of it too. 

Drinking tea only takes 3-5 minutes to make a tea, much less then planning meals. If you are trying to drink healthier liquids, tea and water are the tops picks. Habits take about 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months to really stick for people. 

White tea, red tea and green tea are the healthiest of all the teas in that order. If you can get two of these three teas in your new healthy habit you have made some great choices.

If we can teach people good habits like drinking tea every day, that would be fantastic. When I teach about tea, I try to mention to people if they want to drink more tea each day they need to create it as a habit (routine).

My suggestions to create this habit would be:

  1. First don't put away your tea accessories that you steep your tea with. People don't put their coffee pots away. Coffee is another drink that is habit forming. It's all about a routine. Trying to make healthy habits are the only way to go. If we take care of ourselves and are happier we lead a healthier life.
  2. Pick a time (or several) that you have your tea. Creating this type of schedule will be an easier routine to remember than random intervals.

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