Fall is here!

Posted by Sarine Miss you all! on Oct 23rd 2020

I Love Fall!     

The cool air and beautiful colors make this my favorite time of the year.

Today happens to be a rainy scene outside.   I don't mind the rain, I just wish that I had a fireplace to enjoy while I sip my tea.   One of the perks of being the owner is that I have 92 caffeine and 57 caffeine free tea options to choose from.   That can be overwhelming at times - but I do have my Fall favorites (Herbal Dynasty Chai and Pumpkin Harvest being the top 2).

Today I feel like something different.   Going to set myself up with an afternoon cup of Earl Grey de La Creme....

Thank you all for being such great customers!

Pardon me...   my tea is ready and calling me to enjoy.

- Sarine