Butter Rum

Posted by Becky Tharp on Oct 11th 2017

My new favorite, Butter Me Up

My latest favorite tea is our new Butter Rum Green Rooibos...otherwise known as Butter Me Up. It's become part of my master plan! Green rooibos is an unoxidized version of red rooibos, a tea very high in antioxidants and caffeine free (new research also points to anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties). It's perfect for me after 3 pm when I have to cut off my caffeinated teas. Green rooibos has a flavor I prefer to the red, and I love the sweet, full flavor of the Butter Rum. With a touch of raw honey, I'm satisfying my sweet addiction and getting my health benefits at the same time. Mmmmm.

I also love to use Butter Me Up in my mixology...mixing it up with other teas. It's helping me with my master plan to turn all my children into tea addicts. This is serious! I had a panic attack the other day when I realized that my son, now in high school, was intending to get into coffee. We've known for a while now that he has serious problems being conscious before 9 am, no matter how much sleep he gets. Since school begins around 7 am, he sleepwalks through his first three periods. He told me the other day, "You realize I'm going to become a coffee drinker, right?" Nooooo!

I had to face facts. My son needs something to help him wake up in the morning, and if I didn't act fast, he'd naturally turn to coffee. This calls for maté ! Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, yerba maté is also high in caffeine. It's great for boosting energy and for helping with focus. However, it has a roasty flavor he wasn't used to, so I wasn't sure he'd drink it. Solution?...mix it with Butter Me Up! The two combined fantastically! The butter rum flavor complemented the yerba maté and made for the perfect mix in the morning. I also like the fact that he's getting the health benefits of both the green rooibos and the maté.

My son asked me the other day if I knew how big of a tea addict I am.  What he doesn't know is that I have three more years to get HIM permanently hooked. Mwwaaahahahaha!