Are you dealing with stress and sleepless nights?

Jan 23rd 2021

While it's been a full year since the world has changed to our 'new normal' most of us are still dealing with higher levels of stress and inability to sleep.

SereneTeazhas created a couple of sample kits to help with the stress or sleepless concerns we are all dealing with. These kits are also great to send to someone and offer some relief and care.

Two specific kits that we recommend to anyone experiencing stress:

The Healer Kit contains blends to maintain physical health.

  • Cold/Flu Fighter
  • Ginger Cider
  • Green Wellness
  • Elderberries

The Stress Relief Kit provides herbals and botanicals to promote relaxation and rest.

  • Serene
  • Provence
  • Citrus Sage Lavender
  • Green Wellness