A great Relief (one of our newest Ayurvedic)

Jan 5th 2018

People always asked us, is there a tea for inflammation?  

So we decided to do research and develop A Great Relief.  We chose the components that are supposed help greatly with inflammation. 

  • Bilberry is an amazing berry and is part of the blueberry family. Excellent for a lot of health issues, but we picked it due to its Anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Milk Thistle benefits heart health and helps lower high cholesterol levels by lowering inflammation, cleaning the blood and preventing oxidative stress damage within the arteries.
  • Orange peel added mainly for flavor. 
  • Calendula has been found to have strong anti-inflammatory properties via powerful flavonoids. These plant-based antioxidants protect cells from free radical damage and pro-inflammatory compounds like C-reactive protein and cytokines.
    Anti-inflammatory linoleic acid is also found in high concentrations in calendula. 

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