May Sale 3 days left

May 29th 2019

Hello my tea friends,  Black tea and flavored black tea are our biggest sellers!  I wanted to make sure you all saw this sale and stock up for the summer, as they make great ice teas.&n … read more

Shipping costs

Mar 13th 2019

Shipping costs have been rising on a regular basis, of course out of our control.We want to make our customers aware. Our free shipping is at $50.00 or more. So if you notice you are ordering every … read more

Green Tea Facts

Mar 9th 2019

Green Tea FactsLess caffeine then Black tea and coffee.It has a natural fluoride for your teeth.It has antibacterial properties to help fight gum disease.Green tea has a component called L-theanine (a … read more

3 days left to our February Sale

Feb 25th 2019

Just a friendly reminder our sale ends in three days on by 4 bags and get the 5 bag free. So check your cabinets to see if you need anything to take advantage of a great sale. Also … read more