Shipping costs

Mar 13th 2019

Shipping costs have been rising on a regular basis, of course out of our control.We want to make our customers aware. Our free shipping is at $50.00 or more. So if you notice you are ordering every … read more

Green Tea Facts

Mar 9th 2019

Green Tea FactsLess caffeine then Black tea and coffee.It has a natural fluoride for your teeth.It has antibacterial properties to help fight gum disease.Green tea has a component called L-theanine (a … read more

3 days left to our February Sale

Feb 25th 2019

Just a friendly reminder our sale ends in three days on by 4 bags and get the 5 bag free. So check your cabinets to see if you need anything to take advantage of a great sale. Also … read more

Winter Storm Alert

Jan 24th 2019

There is still plenty of time to get your tea delivered before the next winter storm hits.Our White Tea and Rooibos sale is underway now. … read more