Angel's Kiss Tea

Serene Teaz

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Caffeinated, blended tea

You must try this heavenly tea. A light blend from high-quality white/green tea.. The flavors of passion fruit, pineapple, and strawberry form a perfect symbiosis with the base and find an ideal completion in the added fruit pieces and blossoms. A tea made for angels.


China Sencha, Lung Ching, Pai Mu Tan, papaya and pineapple cubes, flavoring, rose petals, freeze-dried strawberry pieces.

Steeping Instructions

Temp: 198F (just before boil)
Tea per cup: 1 teaspoon per 8oz cup
Time: 3 minutes


2oz bag = 20-25 cups (8oz)
4oz bag = 40-50 cups (8oz)
8oz bag = 80-100 cups (8oz)
16oz bag = 160-200 cups (8oz)

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  • 5

    Posted by Cathy on Mar 12th 2023

    Sweet light flavor

  • 5
    Angels kiss tea

    Posted by Chris Johnson on Jan 15th 2023

    10 years ago I ordered an iced tea at a very nice restaurant, when I tasted it I knew I was in love immediately. I'm an iced tea drinker and this was clearly something different. Beautiful, light, sophisticated flavor unlike anything I had tasted before. I begged the waitress to tell me where it came from. Now you know too! Please don't buy it all. save some for me I have been drinking this for 10 years and it never gets old. This will be our little secret.

  • 4
    Angel's Kiss Tea

    Posted by Claudia Leach on Feb 15th 2022

    I love this lightly flavored tea! It's delicious!!

  • 5
    Japanese whisk, matcha

    Posted by Carol Johnson on Jan 28th 2021

    Great tool for mixing matcha tea powder!

  • 5
    Angel's Kiss tea

    Posted by Chris Johnson on Jan 28th 2021

    Light, beautiful, refreshing, lightly caffeinated, gorgeous appearance. Has been a staple in our house for years. Very consistent quality and taste.

  • 5
    the Fountain of Youth

    Posted by Chris Johnson on Jan 18th 2018

    I asked the waiter at Cellar Bistro what tea this was I was drinking. He said it was Angel's kiss and he let me know I could get it down the street at serene teaz. This was years ago and I still drink it. Just received another 16 oz bag in the mail this lasts me about 3 months. I drink it everyday it has a very light caffeine effect and when I don't drink this I don't feel as well and it's not because of the difference in caffeine it's just something magical about what's in this bag & how good it feels it is for you. Just opening the bag and taking a nice deep sniff will let you know you're in for something special. Everyone that comes to my house when I ask them if they would like something to drink the first thing they say is do you have any of that tea.