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New Teas Coming Soon !



It's true! We have 5 new teas coming out very soon. We're in the last stages of naming them. Hopefully you're as excited as we are. One of them is an anti-inflammatory tea, as we all seem to have some issues with inflammation these days.

The others are all themed after some alcohol drinks (of course with no alcohol in them), with the taste of the spirits, but helping you relax in a non-intoxicating way. We hope you all like them as much as we enjoyed developing them.



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New Items In Stock Now!

We just received some new items, check them out . Mug infuser lots of new colors. http://www.sereneteaz.com/teaware/mug-infuser/.  These are great for Mothers Day!Which is right around the corner May 14th.  Watch for our specials coming up for May. Make sure you check out our April sales before they are gone. Our teas on sale are Oolong teas and [...]

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Ice tea for Easter

Have you picked out what Ice tea you will be serving for this Easter Celebration? Make sure to check your inventory if you need something we still have time to get it out to you in time.  One of my recommendations is Chateau Serene, Its a champagne raspberry white tea.   When serving this ice [...]

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Top 10 Teas - March 2017

Our Top 10 Teas for March 2017 Irish MorningAngel's KissCreme de LimonChocolateaAlmond CookieApricot TeaPeppermintTi Kuan Yin Goddess OolongSpice TeaYummy Berry   

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Oolong tea buzz

Oolong is semi-oxidized tea, principally from China or Taiwan.  Oolong falls between black tea and green tea, with complex flavor and aroma more delicate then the black tea and more powerful then green. Oolong tea may be light and fragrant(known as "green" oolong) or deep and roasted (known as "dark" oolong) or somewhere in between. [...]

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Oolong Manufacturing

When choosing what type of oolong you might like, remember Oolong teas are all different in flavor due to the way they process the tea. Oolong teas are partially oxidized, some a small percentage and others a lot more, which makes their flavor change. The smaller the percentage of oxidation the closer it is to [...]

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Re-steep your Oolong teas

This month one of our specials is Oolong tea, so I will be blogging all month about oolong tea. Did you know that you can steep your leaves 3-5 times in one day.  It sure is economical to take advantage of this. The tea sometimes tastes better the second and third steeping.  Try it !

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April 2017 - Sales

Serene Teaz - April 2017 Teabits

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Loyalty / Rewards Program

Serene Teaz wants to thank you for being a loyal customer so we came up with a way to show our appreciation with a point based rewards system. Earning Points Our rewards system provide multiple ways to earn points - make sure you have created your account on our site to enable the options below (select create [...]

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Gluten Free Cookie sale

Buy More save More Our gluten-free Macaroons are already on sale and we've added a new incentive.  If you buy more than 3 at a time the price continues to drop. Buy 3 - 5 and pay only $4.50 eachBuy 6 or above and pay only $4.00 each

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