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Green Wellness



Green Wellness

Amazing antioxidant properties of this blend, with green rooibos and rose hips.

  • Green rooibos has not been processed, which means it has many antioxidants. It helps as a anti-inflammatory, heart health, prevents diabetes, helps in digestion, supports strong bones, aids in weight lose, helps with allergies. 
  • Rosehips a loaded with health benefits some are-Vitamins C,B complex, A, D, E. High in iron,calcium and potassium. This will help fight off colds, coughs, flu infections in the bladder and kidneys.

I love this tea with a little honey!

If you like unflavored teas this is a great one, more antioxidants then green tea.



Hibiscus is a flower, which is dried so you can consume as a tea.  Lowers Blood PressureSupports Healthy Cholesterol and TriglyceridesPrevents Oxidative StressReduces Obesity and Related RisksShows Promise in Fighting Certain CancersNatural AntidepressantPotential Staph Infection RemedyMay Prevent Kidney StonesHibiscus made as a tea can be drank hot or cold. It can be tart, you may add some [...]

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Pau D'arco Herbal Tea

Pau D'arco is bark from a evergreen tree in South America.  Reduces Pain Fights Candida Reduces Inflammation Heals Ulcers Fights Cancer Provides Antiviral & Antifungal Properties Detoxifies the BodyI personally have been drinking this tea for the past years and have noticed much more energy and have watched my health get better. Want to learn more??https://draxe.com/pau-darco-tea/

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Astragulus Root

Astragulus root is an immune booster and disease fighter. Its roots are in traditional Chinese medicine and has been used for thousands of years.  Acts as an Anti-InflammatoryBoosts the Immune SystemSlows or Prevents the Growth of TumorsProtects the Cardiovascular SystemRegulates and Prevents Diabetes and IllnessesRelated to DiabetesContains Antioxidative and Anti-AgingCapabilitiesHeals WoundsAlleviates Symptoms of ChemotherapyTreats Colds and [...]

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A great Relief (one of our newest Ayurvedic)

People always asked us, is there a tea for inflammation?  So we decided to do research and develop A Great Relief.  We chose the components that are supposed help greatly with inflammation.  Bilberry is an amazing berry and is part of the blueberry family. Excellent for a lot of health issues, but we picked it due to [...]

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December 2017 - Top 10 Teas

Top 10 Teas for December, 2017Magic MoonSereneSpice RooibosAngel's KissSweet SinOolong Orange BlossomPeppermintProvence RooibosQueen MaryScottish Breakfast

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Healthy New Year Sale

Welcome to 2018. We would like to start out the New Year helping everyone improve their health or continue enjoying the good health they already have. Now is a great time to start a healthy habit that can continue throughout the new year.http://mailchi.mp/1c98dff2b6e4/serene-teaz-decembe...

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New Year's Resolution or not ?

New Years Resolution or Healthy HabitsOnly 41% of people make Resolutions at the beginning of each year and only 9.2% actually stay committed to them.  In place of trying to stick with a New Years Resolution that likely won't continue, why not make a healthy habit decision and stick with that?I think if you start [...]

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December 16-31 Sale


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Great Giving Ideas

Great giving ideas for the season.http://mailchi.mp/c953afc3c241/serene-teaz-great-g...

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    Green WellnessAmazing antioxidant properties of this blend, with green rooibos …

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    Hibiscus is a flower, which is dried so you can consume as a …

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    Pau D'arco is bark from a evergreen tree in South America.  Reduces …