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Sarine Serene Teaz TeamHello! I’m Sarine, the owner and neighborhood tea expert at Serene Teaz. Welcome to my tea shop! In our store, we focus on helping each customer discover the tea blends that they would love – even if they don’t know what they are yet! Here in the online store, we can help you find your perfect tea or tea blend and help you learn more about tea.




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  • Winter Solstice

    from $6.25

    Nothing like the puri-tea of white tea with hints of peppermint.

  • Infuser, Dream Steeper Tea Maker (18oz)


    The practical yet elegant tea brewing / infuser system. Once you've tried this tea infuser you'll wonder how you ever enjoyed tea without this unique device.


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  • Almond Cookie Tea

    from $4.50

    Save 10%

    Sweet and nutty. This flavored black tea has been a favorite since its 1st appearance.

  • Anniversary Tea

    from $5.40

    Save 10%

    Smooth black tea with subtle notes of maple and strawberry. Brought in to celebrate Serene Teaz's 2nd anniversary!

  • Apricot Tea

    from $4.50

    Save 10%

    Brews bright and brisk, low in tannins. Amazing apricot aroma and taste. Great as an iced tea.

  • Assam Tea

    from $5.85

    Save 10%

    Our fine Indian Assam tea (Fatikcherra Estate) exhibits that classic Assam maltiness, yet remains medium bodied.

  • Autumn Spiced Chai Tea

    from $5.18

    Save 10%

    A seasonal favorite. Only available in Fall and winter.

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